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Why Bariatric Procedure For Weight Loss and Diabetes Treatment ?

Bariatric / weight loss surgery is the only known treatment option which leads to a sustained and long term weight loss in patients suffering from severe obesity ( BMI >32.5 ). People who suffer from obesity have usually tried all means and methods to lose weight without any success before they consider bariatric surgery.

A strong recommendation for Bariatric surgery is given to people who are suffering from morbid obesity i.e those individuals who have more than 30 to 35 kg above their ideal body weight. Bariatric and metabolic surgery also leads to significant improvement in comorbidities ( diseases associated with obesity ) such as - diabetes, high blood pressure, dyslipidemia, knee joint pains, PCOD, obstructive sleep apnoea, fatty liver disease, infertility etc

Bariatric surgery is the only safe way for people to lose a massive amount of weight. Patients also find it easier to maintain the weight loss after bariatric surgery as compared to any other means and method of losing weight which also leads to a significant improvement in the quality of life of these patients.

Since Laparo Obeso Centre is a Super Speciality Clinic For Obesity and Co-morbid treatments, We See more than 80 patients on a daily basis, who put in their heart and soul into their efforts to lose weight. They visit almost every weight loss clinic, celebrity dieticians, gyms, yoga centre, yoga gurus and weight loss retreats. Sadly, more often than not, they meet with the hard reality check of disappointments and tend to yo-yo between weight loss and weight gain. This entire process is extremely disheartening and demotivating for the patients.

So, if you have tried hard and done everything to lose weight but yet not finding success with the worry of weight-bearing you down? you have come to the right place because bariatric surgery is the only way in current times that can lead to sustained weight loss in patients suffering from morbid obesity.

About Dr Shashank Shah

Dr Shashank Shah

Founder & Chief Surgeon, Laparo Obeso Centre, Pune

Dr Shashank Shah, a Pioneer bariatric surgeon in India, is the symbol of excellence with high experience in a challenging field of metabolic and bariatric surgery and emerging surgical option offering a ray of hope for Indian or Asians who are suffering from metabolic diseases like diabetes with obesity. Dr Shah is the first and only Indian to head three major international societies on diabetes.

Dr Shah is the Former President of AIAARO (All India Association of Advancing Research in Obesity), Obesity Surgery Society of India and International Excellence Federation of Asia. He has done his Fellowship in bariatric surgery at USA, Italy, France, Brazil and at various other renowned centres in the world and enlightened India with the international bariatric standards. He holds Fellowship for Minimally Access Surgery (FMAS) awarded by the hands of Minister Mr Chandrababu Naidu.

Dr Shah is one of the most appreciated and accepted bariatric surgery in Asia. He has researched, presented and published many journals on sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass and metabolic surgeries. He is a principal investigator of the landmark international study of Asian diabetes and its treatment.

He is a record holder of the Limca Book of Record and World Book of Record for treating the heaviest British and heaviest Asian. He is also credited for treating the youngest child in the world for obesity by bariatric surgery. The cases are featured by the BBC and even the National Geographic channel and honoured his surgical skill as one of the best in Asia.

Dr Shashank Shah has performed one of the largest series of successful bariatric and metabolic surgeries in Asia.

He started the first Bariatric training program in India by which thousands of surgeons from Asia and abroad are trained.

Laparo Obeso Centre's Credentials

  • 1 Lac + General Surgeries, Over 6,000 + Bariatric Procedures, & 1,000 + Overseas Patients Operated For Obesity in last 27 + Years
  • Laparo Obeso Centre is Accrediated As International Centre of Excellence Certified by Surgical Review Corporation - American Board 2015
  • Latest and advanced state-of-art infrastructure and facility which makes it a Pioneer facility For Bariatric Surgery in Asia
  • First Training Centre in India for "Basic & Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeries" Including Bariatric Surgeries. Trained & Proctored Over 1000+ Surgeons From All Over India & Asia-Pacific Region
  • Certified Centre of Excellence For Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Accredited By The International Excellence Federation (IEF)
  • Pioneer of "Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy" in India
  • Pioneer of Research study of "Surgery for Diabetics" in India
  • Ideal Post Bariatric Care, Including "Corrective Cosmetic" Surgeries
  • Record Holder In Limca Book of Record, July 2005 – for "45 Hernia Repairs in 10 Hours"
  • Holds Record for Treating The Heaviest British Man weighing 310 Kgs
  • Heaviest Indian Woman Weighing 300 Kgs, Called As "The Indian Eman" was successfully Treated Leading to weight reduction to 95 Kgs
  • Dr Shashank Shah is First-ever Surgeon To Be Awarded The VIVIAN FONSECA SCHOLAR AWARD BY AMERICAN DIABETES ASSOCIATION For The Research On Surgical Treatment Of Type 2 Diabetes – June 2016
  • Dr Shashank Shah was Honoured With The Dr Jaipal Singh Oration Award For The Year 2017 by Association of Surgeons of India (ASI)
  • Dr Shashank Shah is a Post-graduate Teacher for Diplomat of National Board (DNB) for General Surgery.
  • He Has Presented In Many National And International Conferences About Advances In Bariatric And Metabolic Surgery.
  • He Has To His Credit Research Papers And Book Chapters Published In National And International Books, Journals And Publications.

Types of Procedure


Bariatric surgery leads to about 65 to 75% excess weight loss. Excess weight is calculated as actual weight minus ideal body weight.

It takes about 12 to 18 months to lose this weight. Weight loss is very quick in the first 6 months and then it tends to slow down.

Obesity is a chronic and progressive disease. Diet and lifestyle modifications are an important part of obesity management. Patients who follow the diet and lifestyle modification provided by the specialist after surgery get better results. Weight regain is expected to some degree in the long run but it can be controlled if the patient follows a healthy lifestyle.

After the bariatric procedure, the patient has to follow a liquid diet for a span of 15 days. Which is followed by the stage of semi-solid or soft diet for the next round of 15 days. After a months period, most patients are asked to resume with normal food but in limited quantity. At the start the intake is low but over a period of time, patients are able to eat better. It is also advised to intake nutritional supplements like protein supplement, iron, calcium and multivitamins. These will be advised by the doctor based upon your reports , progress as well as the type of surgery.

The cost of bariatric surgery depends on the type of surgery and the room category that the patient choose.

Few insurance companies cover it now. There are also an option of medical loan through which patients can get the facility of paying for the surgery in monthly instalments and EMIs.


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